• In this episode of Ontario, it's not just Toronto that we talked to Maya Mendes who, after more than 7 years living in Toronto, Canada, decided to move with her husband and young son to the city of Welland, in the Niagara region. In a relaxed and attentive manner, this real estate agent tells us about the motivations and challenges that accompany her in this important life decision. And we want to know: why is Maya moving to Welland?

  • Meetings with 10 Brazilians who live in the area of Ontario, yet outside. Toronto. This arrangement of digital broadcasts centers around close to home encounters and viewpoints, showing the qualities and benefits of every area regarding openings, work, quality, and average cost for basic items. (Creation: Christian Pedersen and Ana Carolina Botelho.)

  • With a series of 10 audios / podcasts “Ontario is not just Toronto”, we interviewed Brazilians who decided to leave Toronto to live and gain new life experiences in other Ontario cities. We explore stories from various locations in the province.

  • Make sure to include high-quality photos and videos in your magazine as well to grab the attention of your readers and make your content more attractive and exciting.The focus is on personal experiences and perspectives, showing the strengths and advantages of each location in terms of opportunities, employment, quality, and cost of living.

    Choose the font that makes your article as easy as it can be to read. When necessary, link your articles to other internal content that is relevant/similar to engage your readers more.

    Back then, using photos in magazines was considered a taboo, and people preferred illustrations or simply text. National Geographic, which is also known as NatGeo, is one of, if not the first magazine that used photos in its magazine. They believed photos that highlighted the beauty of nature would get readers to focus even more.

    Make sure your digital magazines are available in multiple online/digital platforms to reach a wider range of audience.

    Keep up with what’s happening around you and let your content reflect that, as this will help your magazine stay relevant with your readers.

    Although they are well known for their fashion and beauty content, Vogue also went ahead and explored political and social issues in its features and editorials. Who can really tell what the reasons are why they’ve explored these topics? But I believe that this is one of the reasons why they are still relevant today. Vogue doesn’t limit themselves to be just one thing. They evolve with modern society.

    Not to spark the old debate print vs. digital magazine (again), but unlike most fashion magazines out there, Vogue keeps its brand strong by making its magazine available digitally. They have a strong digital presence while keeping their print version alive.

    All you need for the best digital magazine is to look at what the top digital magazines are doing and learn from the things they’re doing right and avoid the wrong ones. Here are eight best digital magazines that you can use as inspiration:

    You’ll find so much advice on the internet, and everyone will be telling you to try out different ideas. But you shouldn’t give up. Starting a digital magazine may not be half as hard as you possibly think.

  • Are you considering to create the best digital magazines ever? You have a great idea!

    But how do you get started? How do you ensure your magazine has useful content and generate revenue?

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